Jane Ann Lowes, a specialist in the firming and toning facial contouring massage developed in 1920s Vienna, remembers a client asking her one day, “After contouring, what is the next step to keep my skin looking young?” Jane Ann undertook extensive research, and found some highly effective tools and technology that help skin keep its youthful freshness.

Today, BlushLA specializes in microcurrent treatments, a safe, effective, non-surgical method of toning that, like a regular gym routine, lifts, firms and invigorates the facial muscles and smoothes fine lines. 

In London, Jane Ann discovered CACI, a regular microcurrent treatment that targets the exact muscle area that keeps the muscle toned and healthy, in harmony with the body’s own electrical system. CACI leaves the skin with a delightful feeling of well being. Jane Ann was the first to introduce CACI to Los Angeles, and it remains one of her clients’ favorite treatments.

Recently, Jane Ann has added a range of highly effective, non-invasive anti-aging technologies to her facial treatments, including LED light to stimulate collagen, ultrasound for deep cleaning, vacuum for increased blood flow and circulation, and therapeutic-grade hyperbaric oxygen for an immediate, plumping glow. 

Jane Ann was also one of the first to introduce natural, chirally correct, paraben-free skincare products. At BlushLA, she uses only the finest, proven products that work in tandem with the technological treatments to keep skin fresh and beautiful.

Says Jane Ann, “I love to see a client leave the treatment table, look in the mirror, and notice a definite lift in the face’s appearance.”