Microcurrent Facial Lift


The Ultimate Lift - 
Face and neck


This non-invasive treatment is a non-surgical facelift that makes you look and feel great. Microcurrent uses tiny electrical pulses to tone, tighten and lift the facial muscles and increases collagen production.  

A series of soothing “workouts” for facial muscles gradually produce a fresher, more youthful appearance, similar to how gym workouts refine your body’s shape and tone. 

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blushLA High-Tec Cleansing Facial



BlushLA delivers a luxurious, high tech five-phase treatment comprised of cleansing, facial massage, ultrasonic exfoliation, LED light collagen stimulation and a hydrating mask. Through natural lymphatic draining this facial enhances circulation and plumps the skin. The result is a toned complexion, softened lines and a natural glow. 

LED Therapy

30 minute session

15 minute added to a facial



A proven, deep-healing treatment for acne or aging skin, photodynamic LED exposure, sometimes called photo-rejuvenation, is a painless, relaxing way to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage and acne.
Medically recommended, precise dosages of blue light destroy acne-causing bacteria, while red light reduces inflammation and stimulates collagen formation. 

Facial Contouring

60 minutes

BlushLA specializes in facial contouring, a firming and toning, deep massage technique developed in 1920s Vienna.  Facial contouring lifts, sculpts, and invigorates the facial muscles to erase puffiness, improve circulation, refresh, and nourish your skin.



Using a combination of glycolic, retinol, vitamin C and lactic acids, we can brighten and resurface to reveal healthier skin for sensational long term results. We stimulate collagen without trauma, irritation or down time. 


Classic Cleansing Facial    60 minutes $100
Cleanse, massage, extract, mask, moisturize and protect. 

Teen Clean                        30 minutes   $75
Squeaky clean and clear!

Organic Facial                  60 minutes  $135
Using 100% certified organic products to cleanse, moisturize and protect.

The BioMat

Enjoy all of the health and wellness benefits of the BioMat during your facial treatment. A powerful yet deeply relaxing infrared mat embedded with amethyst crystals that boosts the immune system, detoxifies and naturally purifies the body.