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100% Organic Ilike Skin Care

An exciting discovery, skin care products by Ilike do wonders for the skin. Made from organically grown herbs, whole fruits and vegetable pulps in the time-honored Hungarian herbalist tradition, these soothing, regenerating imports cleanse, massage, stimulate, hydrate and protect the skin. Enjoy the rare luxury of Ilike’s custom-formulated, 100% organic, concentrated, active and aromatic ingredients, grown with care in Hungary’s lush growing climate.  With products that deeply penetrate, heal, revitalize and beautify every complexion, the ancient art of natural beauty is alive and well at BlushLA.


Using the finest natural ingredients, uniquely refined for maximum effectiveness, our products work with your skin to target the most troublesome skin conditionsfrom acne and rosacea to sun damage and hyperpigmentationwithout the irritation or downtime of conventional treatments. Believing each condition to be unique, we have designed a holistic product line to address your individual concerns both from outside and within. 

Cosmedix does not use preservatives such as parabens, ingredients associated with animals or animal testing, artificial colours or fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate or other irritants that are commonly found in other skin care products. 


From the New Hampshire studio of established Master Aesthetician Jane Balshaw comes Euchlora.  Euchlora combines science with art to create effective and individualized care for beautiful skin. These hand-formulated, concentrated products are made from organic, natural, and dermaceutically active ingredients.  Euchlora products have no synthetic fragrances, no toxic paraben preservatives and are never tested on animals, so you can feel good about looking good!  

blushLA works together with Jane to create small batches of tailor made products that best suit our clients.  Talk to Jane Ann about you specific skincare issues and give Euchlora for blushLA a try today.

Sircuit Skin CosMCEUTICALS

Supercharged ingredients that deliver the best possible results with the least chance of adverse reactions.  You'll immediately notice how these products integrate and work with your body, not against it.

Each formula blends trusted, purified ingredients with a commonsense "be good to yourself" approach that specifically address all your skin issues.